About Silverado Ranch

Silverado Ranch is a convenient, centrally-located neighborhood on the outskirts of Las Vegas. This community is situated roughly 4 miles from the Las Vegas International Airport and just 6 miles from the Las Vegas Strip. The planned community of Silverado Ranch is regarded as having one of the best locations of any planned community in the area with its access to the airport and Strip. Most of the homes and housing options here are less than 30 years old, with the average home being roughly 10 years old. The housing options in this neighborhood include free-standing homes, condos, and various apartments. Overall, Silverado Ranch has a good reputation with its convenience, newly constructed homes, and a family-friendly environment.

Living in Silverado Ranch

Many people enjoy living in the neighborhood of Silverado Ranch. Aside from the added convenience of its location, Silverado Ranch boasts highly-rated schools and one of the newest parks in Las Vegas Valley, Silverado Ranch Park. This park is complete with softball fields, a playground, an amphitheater, and several picnic areas. It even has a popular skate park that allows biking and rollerblading as well! Silverado Ranch is also home to several restaurants for residents to enjoy. The Poke Express, Island Sushi & Grill, and Grimaldi’s Pizzeria are all local favorites!

Zip Codes:

  • 89183
  • 89123

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Services that We Offer in Silverado Ranch

Epoxy Flooring

Our team offers high-quality epoxy flooring services to all of the home and business owners in Silverado Ranch. Our epoxy floor coatings come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and textures to suit any design needs. Epoxy flooring is one of the most robust flooring systems on the market today! This remarkable concrete coating can withstand practically any type of hard impact from heavy objects, rough abrasions, and frequent traffic. Epoxy can resist various chemicals and water without becoming damaged as well. When properly maintained and cared for, our epoxy floors can last for 25 years or more!

Garage Floor Coatings

When it comes to your garage, you need a coating that can stand up against your vehicles’ demands. Our garage floor coatings are some of the toughest available and will withstand any car chemicals, including grease, oil, and gas, without sustaining damage. No matter how you use your garage, we have a coating for you! When you spend your days working in the garage, we can coat it with flake epoxy to create a safer workspace. When you want to display your vehicles with pride, let us install a metallic coating to make your garage look like a showroom!

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Metallic epoxy is a unique floor coating that will give your space a one-of-a-kind look! With endless colors to choose from, you can create a personalized floor that is truly yours. From swirl designs to natural scenes, metallic epoxy can do it all. You can choose one or multiple colors to create engaging swirls that shimmer across your space. Metallic epoxy can even be used to mimic scenes from nature like fiery lava, crashing waves, or skies filled with clouds. No matter what the design scheme is in your home or business, metallic epoxy floors can be made to complement it.

Pool Deck Resurfacing

Let’s face it, as the years go on, our pool decks will wear out. When your pool deck in Silverado Ranch starts to show its age, we can help! Our company offers complete pool deck resurfacing services to help rejuvenate your pool deck. Not to mention, resurfacing your pool deck is much more affordable than replacing it. With options like decorative pavers, concrete overlays, and stamped concrete, you can customize your pool deck to look; however, you want! Even if your deck isn’t worn out, we can resurface it to give your property a fresh, new look.