About Nellis AFB

The Nellis Air Force Base is located in southern Nevada and hosts more military schools and squadrons than any other Air Force base. Nellis has a population of over 8,000 residents and hosts many air combat exercises. This Air Force Base came to be April 30, 1950, and started as training for the Korean War. Soon after more training regiments began such as pilot and bomber training. World War II wooden structures were replaced with cement and steel buildings and longer runways for jets came to be. Housing started in 1954 for military personnel and further housing construction started in 1960.

Living in Nellis AFB

Living on base feels like a vacation to most residents. The town has a very friendly feel and is only about 20 minutes away from Las Vegas. There are two sides to living on base: the main base includes the dorms, lodging, and operation job sites and the Hospital side includes the BX, sports court, and other family needs. The base is very busy with temporary deployments coming to and from the base and even neighboring communities house over 70,000 veterans. The houses and community are very nice on base and on the Hospital side even has a splash pad for the family to enjoy!

Zip Codes:

  • 89115
  • 89191

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