About Desert Shores

Desert Shores contains 682 acres including four man-made lakes located at the foothills of Northwest Las Vegas. This recreational community is great for those who love the outdoors with plenty of places to swim and paths to walk on. A sandy beach surrounds a lagoon-style swimming pool for residents to enjoy with a park great for picnics. Desert Shores was developed in 1988 and has twenty-two different residential districts. This community is considered a private community and has 3,351 units. Desert Shores includes everything from median-priced housing, condominiums, and larger private homes that are gated.

Living in Desert Shores

Desert Shores is a private community that offers its residents many amenities for their enjoyment. There are volleyball, basketball, and playground facilities to keep up an active lifestyle as well as a lagoon-style pool. Desert Shores also offers many recreational water activities apart from swimming such as fishing and paddle boating at the community docks. A 2,100 square foot clubhouse is available to residents with beautiful lakeside views to be used for private parties and special community events. All Lakefront homes have access to the lake and even private docking. Even though Desert Shores is a private community, the amenities are available for residents and their guests.

Zip Codes:

  • 89128
  • 89134

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Services we offer in Desert Shores

Epoxy flooring

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring can be a beautiful way to update any home or business. This durable material is made to withstand the test of time lasting many years. In fact, when properly installed and maintained this flooring can last up to 20 years or more. Maintenance is fairly easy with this product since its seamless design is easy to clean and its stain-resistant to household chemicals or substances such as oil. Epoxy is completely customizable and available in many colors to coordinate with your decor. For commercial use, epoxy is great in places that have heavy equipment or heavy foot traffic areas.

Garage floor epoxy

Garage Floor Epoxy

Garage epoxy flooring is perfect for workspaces as well as making your garage your own personal showroom. This flooring has a very sleek appearance that is not only beautiful but durable. Epoxy is great for garages since they most commonly have heavy equipment and are high trafficked areas. This flooring is stain resistant so no oil or gasoline spills will penetrate it. Its seamless design is perfect for clean up with a simple mop and broom. Slip-resistant additives can be added for extra protection. You can make your garage a truly personal space by using different colors and designs to make your garage just for you.

concrete resurfacing

Concrete Resurfacing

Sometimes our concrete has seen better days. Whether its minor imperfections such as cracking or chipping or just a dulled look from weather and wear, concrete resurfacing can help your concrete be good as new. Concrete resurfacing is a process where thin layers are added to freshen or fix small imperfection in your concrete all while strengthening the underlying concrete. There are many ways to personalize your concrete with different colors or stampable concrete overlays for added texture. Slip-resistant additives can be added to keep your walkways safer. Concrete resurfacing is a very budget-friendly solution to fix minor flaws in otherwise unsightly areas.

pool deck resurfacing

Pool Deck Resurfacing

If your pool deck has become more of an eyesore from cracks and chipping, or just needs to be updated with a new look pool deck resurfacing is a great way to give your pool deck a great new look. There are many different ways to repair or update your pool ara from simple concrete stains to stamped concrete to give the sophisticated look of brick, stone, or even wood planks. Each of these designs can be colored and textured to mimic the appearance of these designs and are fade resistant. Pool Surfacing can repair minor concrete blemishes, strengthen underlying concrete, and be a safer option with slip-resistant additives.