About Blue Diamond

The small town of Blue Diamond, Nevada, provides residents and travelers a quaint and beautiful rest stop on their way to Red Rock Canyon. This is a place just outside of the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas that allows people to take a step back in time. Back to a time when burros roamed the streets and locals relaxed in the shade of cottonwood trees. Blue Diamond is only home to a few hundred residents, and with all of the surrounding land being owned by the government, it may stay that way. The town started as a place for miners and their families to live nearby to the local mines. Today, the small town is a stopping point before tourists reach the excitement of Las Vegas!

Living in Blue Diamond

Residents of this little Nevada town enjoy a park and a private pool in the area. Blue Diamond also has a library, highly-rated schools, event hall, and a general store that doubles as a gas station. The store was built in the early ’40s and initially constructed to serve the miners working at the Blue Diamond Mine. Most of the locals in this town are retirees, though some families call Blue Diamond home thanks to the above-average schools and peaceful environment.

Zip Code:

  • 89004

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Services that We Offer in Blue Diamond

Epoxy Flooring

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Garage Floor Epoxy

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Metallic Epoxy Flooring

No other flooring system can match the durability and beauty of a metallic epoxy floor. This unique floor coating is made by incorporating metallic pigments into the epoxy resin as it’s being mixed. These pigments are then spread throughout the floor as it’s applied to create one-of-a-kind, shimmering designs that can’t be replicated. A metallic epoxy can meet any design needs from colorful swirls to realistic faux stone to mimicking natural scenes! When properly installed and maintained, metallic epoxy flooring can last for more than 25 years!

Pool Deck Resurfacing

No matter how closely we follow our pool deck maintenance routines, eventually, time will take its toll on our pool decks. When this happens, rest assured that you don’t have to invest thousands of dollars into an expensive replacement project. We can resurface your pool deck in Blue Diamond to have it looking as good as new for a fraction of the cost! With excellent resurfacing options that include stamped concrete, concrete overlays, decorative pavers, and even acrylic paint, there’s no end to the possibilities. If your deck isn’t damaged and you simply want to change its look and feel, we can handle it as well!